UP to customers: Urge Congress to help reopen US-Mexico rail crossings


BeBuilder #230

Shopify Inc. is stepping up its logistics and fulfillment services as it expands efforts to help merchants compete with Amazon.com Inc.

Truckers Expect an Inventory-Driven Rebound Later This Year

The general consensus, almost unanimous, from customers that have given us feedback about their inventories has been that by the time they get through the spring, things are caught up

Maersk and MSC to End 2M Global Shipping Alliance

The world’s two biggest shipping lines said they would end their vessel-sharing partnership in 2025, a move that would shuffle a lineup of global alliances as demand for trade is weakening.

J.B. Hunt Expects Freight-Demand Volatility to Ease This Year

Trucking and logistics giant J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. expects freight demand to regain traction in the coming months as the pandemic-driven upheaval in supply chains fades and companies return to more conventional ordering cycles.

U.S. Container Imports Tumbled Close to Prepandemic Levels in December


Warehouse Demand Is Cooling

The U.S. industrial market is continuing to see robust demand, and companies are adding warehouse and distribution space to protect their inventories, diversify their supply chains and process growing ecommerce sales

US imports from China falling faster than from other countries

America and China remain intimately intertwined via trade despite worsening tensions over Taiwan and the Russia-Ukraine war. More than a third of all U.S. containerized imports arrive from China. More than a sixth of China’s export value derives from U.S. purchases.

For freight companies, this year’s peak will be weak

Peak season, an annual event in the freight industry, serves as the most important season in the calendar for many transportation firms. Depending on mode, peak season kicks off at different points on the calendar, mostly based around the role in the supply chain that a freight provider plays in ensuring that retail goods are on the shelves for the holidays.