US imports from China falling faster than from other countries

America and China remain intimately intertwined via trade despite worsening tensions over Taiwan and the Russia-Ukraine war. More than a third of all U.S. containerized imports arrive from China. More than a sixth of China’s export value derives from U.S. purchases.

For freight companies, this year’s peak will be weak

Peak season, an annual event in the freight industry, serves as the most important season in the calendar for many transportation firms. Depending on mode, peak season kicks off at different points on the calendar, mostly based around the role in the supply chain that a freight provider plays in ensuring that retail goods are on the shelves for the holidays.

UPS, FedEx and USPS suspend some services as Hurricane Ian hits Florida

Hundreds of zip codes and cities are affected as the hurricane’s landfall on Wednesday led to flooding and destruction in the southwest part of the state.

If supply chain crunch is finally easing, why is inflation so high?

Remember back in 2021 when inflation was “transitory” and surging consumer prices were blamed on the supply chain crisis? The Fed and macro investors became intensely interested in chaos at the ports. The focus on bottlenecks spurred the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to create a new barometer called the Global Supply Chain Pressure Index (GSCPI) in January.

USPS Prices Going Up for Holiday Season

It’ll cost more to mail letters and packages this holiday season. Starting Oct. 2, the U.S. Postal Service is increasing its rates for both commercial and retail products. The agency last week filed notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission regarding the temporary price adjustment for the upcoming holiday season, which will run through Jan. 22.

Storage, Labor Plague Logistics Companies Searching for Warehousing Solutions

The past few years have been volatile for retailers. Consumer demand spiked, and then products got stuck in the supply chain, arriving late and missing seasonal delivery windows. In response, retailers proactively increased orders to mitigate the risk of delays. However, consumer demand slowed, leaving warehouses full and operators stacking inventory while waiting for a decline.

Rail Strike

Federally mandated cooling-off period ends Friday, opening possibility of nationwide strike or lockout--washingtonpost